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As you step into your closet, we'd suggest that you consider the 1960 presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy.  "Nixon wore a white shirt and did not shave prior to the evening event.  Kennedy appeared well groomed with a blue shirt, and clean shaven.  It was the first televised presidential debate.  Presentation was not the primary reason that Kennedy won the election, but you'd have to agree that it was a critical element."  The moral of that story?  Your looks can be optimized by paying attention to some simple details.  Often your appearance "brands" you when you make that first impression. 

A few suggestions:

So, what should you wear?  Solid colors always work best. The clothing should be simple and never take away from you as a professional. Textures can work well but not patterns. In other words, do not wear stripes or any other patterns. Solids work the best.  Especially for a corporate headshot, you should wear a solid color middle tone to dark business suit or pantsuit."

Avoid haircuts or hair style changes within 1 or 2 weeks of your photo session.  Excessive sun or tanning salon visits often show in portraits and should be avoided.


Women should bring solid color middle tone or dark pantsuit and a few shells or shirts (light color) that work under the jacket.  Make-up should not be overdone: wear what you consider "everyday" daytime make-up.

Men should bring a few dress shirts (blues work best but you might bring an off-white, white or a darker color in addition to a blue shirt) and at least two ties to choose from.  Wear a solid color middle tone to dark business suit.  Shave before the appointment.

Smile?  Smile!:

Few people look great when they're not smiling.  Do you agree?  How about you?  Take 30 seconds the morning of your shoot: Grab a mirror.  Flash a smile.  Do a non-smile.  Remind yourself how to accomplish both.  We'll photograph you smiling with teeth showing.  And, we'll snap a couple of shots with a more serious look as well.  Be flexible and look for our coaching during the session.  We'll help you achieve the best look.

Business Portrait
Business Portrait